Breaking Bad Car Wash

I love this stuff. To promote the kickoff of the final 8 episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad, a number of car washes around the country are rebranding as the car wash from the show, owned and operated by chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White. Well, mostly operated by Walt’s long (sometimes too-long) suffering wife, Skyler. This was the…

WTF Sutter’s – Season Six Characters

The new format started with a great question. “What one word describes each character’s arc for Season 6?” Unser – “Rock and a hard place” Juice – “Evolution” Chibs – “Loyalty” Bobby – “Healer” Tig – “Liberator” Tara – “Growth” Clay – “Redemption” Gemma – “Emancipator” Jax – “King”